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Here you will find the donkeys that are in the care of Aide Aux Anes. By clicking on their picture you will find out more about them and get access to more pictures. Donkeys with this certificate to attend with their adoptive family name alone! Do you also adopt a donkey! Visit the Donation page for more information. #Igor Igor Prune #Prune Scooby #Scooby Patje Dotje Remu Marie-Charlotte #DotjePatjeRemu #DotjePatjeRemu #DotjePatjeRemu #MarieCharlottePluuzer Pluuzer Baptiste Clementine & Gamin #MarieCharlottePluuzer #Baptiste #ClementineGamin Bonna Tarzan Pépèk Zazou #Bonna #Tarzan #Pepek #Zazou Romeo #RomeoLeo Ulysse #Ulysse Leo #RomeoLeo Ungaro Ushi & Udane Safran Junon & Judith Cadichon Tintin Joséphine Ineke Inge & Evertjan Pâquerette Sabir Capucine Chocolat Charlotte Chipie II Quinquin & Raffarino Chirac & Derrick Lydie Rachel & Clive Nemo Nougat Simson Zaza Mephisto Ugolin Ursula Calin Bisou Virginie & Franck Josephine Isabelle Alizée Pinocchio Gabie Diabolo Fanny & Kakaouette Ivan Milka Bambi Tom Hector Olympe & Gélatine Pompon Steven Titus Diabolo II Mâcon Perrex Bambou Apy Calisson Angelle Maya Baya & Gipcy Voltaire