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News spring 2016

New donkey BAYA gives birth to GIPCY

It has been a while since Aide Aux Anes has adopted any new donkeys. Taking care of more than 90 donkeys all by myself is already an enormous task.

If I would have given shelter to every donkey that was ever presented to me, then there would be around 1000 of them walking around here by now. And I am not exaggerating...

I get contacted every day from all parts of France. But since I would like to keep the shelter and the provided care up to a certain standard, there is no room for more… It just wouldn’t do the shelter any good...

However, sometimes I do make an exception…

On Sunday 24 January 2016 I welcomed a female named BAYA at the shelter.

There was a young donkey walking around next to her, but the owner has already sold it. Baya herself was pregnant and the best solution for her was to come live at Aide Aux Anes.

Baya is scared easily by human beings and absolutely cannot be petted. Upon her arrival she didn’t look pregnant at all, she was actually quite thin.

But after a month or two she started to gain weight. Finally she was getting enough to eat. And then came the moment that I decided that she would have to spend her nights alone in a dry and clean stable. For about 4 weeks I didn’t get enough sleep because I checked on her twice every night.

Until, finally, on May 3rd at 9.30 p.m., she gave birth to her son


He was quite small and very weak at birth, but he soon started to heal and he is now a very happy and healthy young donkey.

Gipcy will be staying at our shelter Aide Aux Anes for the rest of his life and will never have to live in the awful circumstances in which his mother was found.

Deceased donkeys

These donkeys have died in 2015…

September 21st :  Poupoune

September 21st :  Fanchon

October 1st         :  Zorro

And on January 6th 2016:  Nanette

Zorro Fanchon Nanette Poupoune

Times she was bad, times she was pretty good.

But always the situation was was “acceptable” for Sophie.

Since a while Sophie got also problems with getting up and walking (including rheumatism).

And very recently the situation deteriorated….

Sophie couldn’t anymore (getting up)…

The veterinarian has at my request Sophie – with her head in my arms – euthanized.

Dear Sophie, thanks for all the love you have given me in the eight years you lived here.

Rest in peace dear Sophie, I will never, but really never, forget you.

Castration Gipcy

Times flies.  The young foal  Gipcy, born on May 3, 2016, is early April 2017 castrated at the age of eleven months.

After Gipcy had recovered sufficiently from his surgery I moved him together with his mother Baya to one of the pastures where they normally will stay the rest of their lives.

Collection of donkey wines

The Aide Aux Anes has at the moment in her shop several different “donkey wines” in various price ranges for sale.

Red, roséand white. For the true wine lover...and collector.

Only on site at the donkeysanctuary for sale.

With every bottle of wine free Aide Aux Anes coaster / willow.

Large new shelter in pasture…. but not without problems…

In a large pasture which the donkeysanctuary has in use now for about two years, I have been working many hours to bild a large shelter for the donkeys.

The construction is nearing completion but that didn’t go without “a blow or a push”.

Once when I had the roof up, a heavy storm struck and a big part of the roof ( 8 x 4 meters ) was blown away...

On the pictures can be seen how with a “manitou” wich reaches till 14 meters high, the roof again was put reasonably in place.

The 17 donkeys currently in this pasture have at least the ability to hide in this shelter whenever they want.

Deceased donkeys in 2016

June, 19th  donkey Diane has died at the age of 26  and August, 9th donkey Chipie (age unknown).

News  2017

Aide Aux Anes is now a Charity

Good news for everyone who supports financially the donkeysanctuary Aide Aux Anes, because at the end of April the donkeysanctuary has become a “charity” in The Netherlands, retroactive till Januari 1th, 2017.

The donkeysanctuary is also now recognized by the Dutch tax office as a charity and you can now deduct your gifts from your tax.

This is possible for everyone in The Netherlands, French people in France, Dutch people who live permanent in France, but also probably for people in other countries of the E.U. because of the European rules to respect the charities in other countries.

Identify you !

Talking about donations…. Sometimes it still happens that the donkeysanctuary  receives a gift and I have only a name or a part of a name of the donor.

If you belong to that categorie of people that has given a donation to the donkeysanctuary but after that you have never heard anything from me, please contact me so that at least I can thank you for your support.

Sophie deceased

On monday april, 10th 2017 I had to let sleep Sophie...

From June, 3 th 2009, the day that Sophie is become to live here, she was already ill.

The former owners wouldn’t take care of her anymore.

Sophie had a chronic bowel disease, comparable with Crohn’s disease.

Dans l'Allier, un ancien policier crée un refuge pour les ânes End of August 2018

NEWS 2019

Décés de Kaïd...

C’est avec une immense tristesse que je dois annoncer que mon âne bien-aimé, Kaïd, après avoir été très malade pendant huit semaines, n’a pas survécu.

J'ai fait le maximum - et même plus - mais parfois tu ne gagnes pas...
Le samedi 2 mars 2019, Kaïd a été libéré de ses souffrances.
Kaïd ne souffre plus et, après un certain temps j'espère moi non plus.
Je pense que je n'ai jamais autant aimé un âne.
Repose en paix mon cher Kaïd et tu garderas toujours une place dans mon coeur ...

Kaïd * 12-04-1998 - † 02-03-2019

Merci à tous pour votre compassion.


Tic est décédé.

Pour la première fois en 13 ans, j'ai dû faire endormir un âne dans un pré. Et de façon totalement inattendue.

Dimanche matin 12 mai 2019, 30 ânes sont venus me voir dans un pré à mon arrivée. Mais un est resté loin, couché....: Tic.

Après des recherches Tic semble être complètement paralysé à l’arrière.

Pourtant, il semblait tout à fait en forme avec un gros appétit, mais il ne pouvait pas bouger ses jambes arrières et donc ne pouvait plus marcher.

Une vétérinaire spécialisée à l'ostéopathie a traité Tic deux fois et chaque jour je le levais avec des cordes attachées sur mon télescopique et m'occupais de nombreuses heures de lui. Mais aucune réaction ou amélioration.

Lundi 20 mai 2019, la vétérinaire a libéré Tic de ses souffrances et il est parti avec sa tête dans mes bras.

Seulement quatre jours avant d'être paralysé, Tic était encore visible en pleine santé à la télévision française .…

Cher Tic, je ne t'oublierai jamais et tu resteras dans mon cœur pour toujours.

Aide Aux Anes à nouveau à la télévision.

Le refuge  Aide Aux Anes était le 8 mai 2019 à voir deux fois dans le Journal de France 3  Auvergne dans le cadre d'un reportage  "Les visages de l'Europe".

La première vidéo est l'introduction dans le journal.  La deuxième le reportage lui-même.