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Aide Aux Anes is an association. Our goal is to give donkeys a good life. We give free shelter to basically every neglected, abused or retired donkey. We offer the donkeys care, attention and the love they so desperately need.

On our website you will get to know our donkeys. We will give you all the news updates on this website, therefore you will be completely up-to-date after each website visite. Besides our donkeys, you will find our other animals on this website. Once you've met our other animals, you can draw the conclusion that we have a special connection with all of our animals.

Are you in any way connected to donkeys? Or do you appreciate our initiative? We would really appreciate it if you offer us your help! We can't do all of this alone and need your help desperately! In the chapters 'Adoption' and 'Donation' you will find the possibility to adopt a donkey or to donate. If you have other (specific) ideas on how you can help our donkeys, feel free to contact us! We're open to about anything!

We thank you for your visite and wish you a lot of fun looking around our website. And we hope to see you again some time!